Last Update September 16, 2006

Location Name Description General Location Altitude Grid Lat/Long. Delorme
Calloway Road.  High ground in the boonies. SE of Ritzville    DN06xx.    55/A8
Wild Horse Overlook. Scenic overlook over Columbia River.  Good path to west. East of Vantage on I-90, mile 140.  (Eastbound access only)  1200  DN06ax N46.96394 W119.96458 68/D1
Vantage Viewpoint Roadside viewpoint East of Vantage on I-90, mile 140  (Westbound access only) 1100 DN06ax N46.963 W119.964 68/D1
Frenchman Hill High ground approx 3 miles from I-90. East of Vantage on I-90.   DN06 N4659.935 W11956.211 68/D1
Jump Off Joe Butte Butte  South of Kennewick   DN06   39/D7
Sentinel Ridge Repeater site SE of Vantage 2365 DN06 N46 48min W11952min 53/B2

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