(Last update November 05, 2006 )

Location Name Description General Location Altitude (feet) Grid Lat/Long. Delorme Map/grid
Mt.  Emily.  Mountaintop 10 miles north of LaGrande, OR  6610 DN05wk  N4526.29 W11805.49 87/C4
Mt. Emily (Indian Rock) 2 miles from Mt. Emily. 10 miles north of LaGrande, OR  5321 DN05wl  N4527.999 W11805.818 87/C4
Golgotha Butte 360 degree view.   1.5 miles south of Alderdale in the SE corner of Kittitas County. 1051 DN05bu N 45 51' 30"  W119 54' 29"  28/B1
Emigrant Hill Several operating locations near rest stop. On Interstate 84 SE of Pendleton.


DN05qn N45 34.907'
W118 38.644'
High Ridge Lookout Forest service lookout N of LaGrande, OR 5300 DN05wq N4540.929 W11806.106. 86/B4
White Pine Trough High ground in burned off area 14 miles east of Ukiah, OR 5470 DN05ob N45 02.588 W118 45.918. 86/D2

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