Last Update July 01, 2006

Location Name Description General Location Alt. Grid Lat/Lon DeLorme
Bald Peak Peak in state park.  NW of Newburg near county line. 1700 CN85     59/A8
Cascade Head Coastal head N. of Lincoln City 1600 CN85 N45 03.82 W123 58.63 52/A1
Hendrickson Drive Parking lot alongside the Columbia River on the CN85/CN86 grid line. Kalama   CN85/ CN86 N46.00  W122.84565 32/D2
Woodland Ridge Ridge 3 miles east of I-5 north of Woodland. 900 CN85ow N45.95663 W122.75163 22/A2
Larch Mountain Mountaintop on Forest Service land East of Portland on I-84 4055 CN85wm N45.532722 W122.087873  
Mt. Hebo Mountaintop NE of Hebo on Hiway 101 south of Tillamook.  3200 CN85 N 45.12.838 W 123.45.306 58/C2
Round Top Mountaintop About 15 miles NW of Forest Grove,  about 45 miles WNW of
 2985 CN85 N45.6775 W123.3608  
South Fork Mountain  Mountaintop About 20 miles SE of Oregon City,  40 miles SE of Portland
 4500  CN85 N45 05'  29" W122 14' 21"  

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