Last update September 15, 2006


Location Name Description General Location Altitude Grid Lat/Long. DeLorme
Kamiak Butte     12 Miles north of Pullman on Hiway 27. 3641 DN16ju   N46 51.739     W117 10.021     57/A7
Big Butte   SSW of Lewiston, ID 5009 DN16wd N4608.98 W11608.43 43/C7
Endicott Ridge. High Ground with good exposure. WNW of Colfax, OR   DN16ex N4650.8.020, W11739.579 56/A3
Moscow Mountain   Near Troy, ID 4721  DN16nt    58/B1
Cottonwood Butte   Just out of Cottonwood, ID         
Hamilton Hill  Cel Site 7 miles south of Colfax on Hiway 195.   DN16is N46.77996 W117.31949 57/B6
Military Hill Park Park Pollman, WA    DN16   57/B7
Table Rock Lookout  Forest Service Lookout 19 miles east of Walla Walla, WA    6250'   42/D1

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