(Last update 03/16/2009)

Location Name Description General Location Altitude Grid Lat/Lon DeLorme
Mt. Pilchuck, top lot Trailhead parking lot.  Wooded area.  Good exposure to N and E.  Fair exposure to W, but nothing S. 15 miles east of Granite Falls.  2800 CN98bb  N48 4.426" W121 48.063 96/D2
Mt. Pilchuck, landing Logging landing on west side of mountain.  Excellent exposure to N, S, &  W. 15 miles east of Granite Falls.  2000 CN98bb N48 4.905' W121 49.998 96/D2
Green Mountain Mountaintop N. of Mt. Pilchuck.  ENE of Granite Falls 3810 CN98   96/D2
Slate Peak Forest Service Lookout W of Goat peak lookout  and NW of Mazama off Hwy 20.   CNJ98pr    

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