(Last updated October 01, 2014)


Location Name Description General Location Altitude (feet) Grid Lat/Long. DeLorme Map/grid
Keechelus Ridge  Ridge in national forest. North of I-90 east of Snoqualmie pass. 5000 CN97ii N4720.730 W12118.298 65/B6
Snoqualmie Ridge Subdivision under construction. N of I-90 and Hiway 18 intersection 920 CN97bm N4732.059 W12152.76 80/D1
Monroe Fairgrounds Fairgrounds parking lot. Just north of Hiway 2 in Monroe 46 CN97au N47.86862 W121.99481 80/B1
High Rock Road Logging landing On Hiway 203 between Preston and Monroe 710 CN97 N47 47' 57" W121 57'02" 80/B1
Lions Rock/Table Mountain Popular Astronomy site 20 Miles north of Ellensburg 6300 CN97eg  N4715.09 W12035.15 66/B4
Milepost 79 Truck scales I-90 truck scales Mile 79. 1995 CN97le N47.18218 W121.03062 66/C1
Indian John Rest area I-90 rest area. Mile 89 2141 CN97nd N47.16128 W120.84866 66/C2
Suntop lookout Fire guard station on mountaintop 30 miles east of Enumclaw approx 7 miles off hiway 410 5290 CN97ea N47.04127 W121.59601. 64/D4
Tronson Ridge Mountaintop Near Blewett Pass 4640 CN97 N47 23.61'  W120 34.65' 66/A4
Wild Horse Visitor Center Visitor center with a large parking lot. NW of Vantage, NE of Kittitas 3500 CN97va   51/A7

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