Last Update September 15, 2006

Location Name Description General Location Altitude Grid Lat/Long. DeLorme
Devil's Mountain Mountaintop site.   2 miles SE of Mt. Vernon   CN88    95/A6
Little Mountain City park on mountain top, microwave site. 1 mile SE of Mt. Vernon Approx. 1000'. CN88    95/A6
Lake Stevens High School High School parking lot.  On good rover route into Granite Falls. State Hiway 92 west of Granite Falls   CN88xa N4801.310 W12204.711.  95/D8
Malahat Summit Rest Stop 20 km north of Victoria 1200' CN88    
Mt. Benton Mountain Top Cheaminus, BC 4000' CN88bv    
Marysville Rest stop I-5 rest stop. I-5, north of Marysville, WA   CN88    95/C7
Mt. Prevost Mountain Side Duncan 2000' CN88    
Mt. Anderson Mountaintop   N. of Sedro Wooley between I-5 and Hwy 9. 3000 CN88     109/C6
Baynes Peak Provincial park Saltspring Island   CN88