Last Update June 21, 2005

Location Name Description Location Altitude in feet Grid Latitude Longitude Delorme
The Golf Club at Newport Hills  Golf course parking lot. East of I-405, just south of I-90. 940 CN87wm N47.53397 W122.14319 79/D7
Overlook Park Park parking lot on ridge.  Excellent north/south exposure from the bottom of grid. One mile west of I-5, just south of Hwy 101.  300 CN87    62/D1
Federal Way trucks scales.

(Northbound) (Southbound)

Truck scales located just off interstate. I-5 on grade north of Tacoma


CN87ug N47.27271 W122.31538 63/B6
Buck Mountain Mountaintop Near Brinnon, WA on the Olympic Peninsula.   CN87   78/C1
Mount Crag Mountaintop Near Brinnon, WA on the Olympic Peninsula. 4000 CN87ms

N 47 45' 35"   W 122 57'55"

Denny Ahl Hill Mountaintop 2 miles south of Lake Cushman on the Olympic Peninsula. 2000 CN87 N46 24.1    W123 16.1 61/A6
Mt. Jupiter Mountaintop West of Brinnon on the Hood Canal. 1730 CN87    77/C8
McMicken Heights Run & Gun location Near Sea-Tac airport  520  CN87   63/A6

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